Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a Broker instead of going directly to an Insurer or via an Insurance Agent?

An Agent or an Insurance company employee, work for the Insurance company, not you! Arranging your insurance via an Insurance Broker is like having your own personal insurance advisor on your staff. And because a Broker is required to maintain a very high level of professional accreditation and product knowledge, they are best placed to meet your exact needs and tailor an insurance package that specifically suits you. Insurance companies vary their prices from year to year, an Insurance Broker can source the best insurance terms for you from a wide range of Insurers and Underwriting agencies, at every policy renewal.

What insurance companies does Coastsure use?

As a broker we can access a very large range of insurers, both in Australia, and if required, overseas. Most businesses can be insured by an Australian based company, however, sometimes special pricing, risks, and schemes are available with an offshore company. Every company used by us goes through a stringent “approval” process, and must also be approved to carry on business insurance Australia by the relevant authorities.

Do I have to wait for renewal before I get a quote?

No, in fact, the best time to organise a quote for your insurance is usually around a month prior to your renewal date, this way it gives us plenty of time to do a personal insurance review / assessment, perhaps visit you at your premises, and search our pool of insurers for the best product at the most competitive price. You can also get a quote at any other time throughout the year, and in some cases, the quoted price may still work out cheaper than if you cancelled your existing cover, even considering any cancellation fees and charges, however, as your broker, we can help you work out the best timing for you.

Will Coastsure insure my Home & Contents?

Yes, we will cover your home and contents, however, this is not our main area of focus. In order to provide you with the highest quality service and products, we have chosen to specialise in Business Insurance covers, however, we understand the need to be able to accommodate other assets you have, such as your Home & Contents, therefore, once you have your business insurance in place with us, we are more than happy to provide a quote and cover on your personal assets. This philosophy allows us to focus on what we do best, Business Insurance.

What payment options do I have?

We have can offer a number of payment options to suit your preference, such as B-Pay, Credit Card, through to monthly repayment options.

What can you insure?

Through our network of insurers, and being part of a larger group of companies (Ausure Insurance Brokers), we can find an insurer that is willing to cover almost any type of business or equipment you may have, however, sometimes there are industry specific schemes available, only through selected channels, if this is the case, we are professional enough to advise you of these facilities, even if this means we cannot assist you directly.

Why should I choose Coastsure?

The staff at Coastsure Insurance Brokers take pride in their work, and offer a very high level of personal service, in addition to this, the new business division is staffed by individuals who have a genuine passion for insurance, and although specialise in particular areas, are able to combine years of solid experience and their passion, when arranging your quotes and covers. This experience not only means we are aware of insurance products, but are familiar with “reasonable pricing”, and can negotiate better coverage and premiums if need be.

How do I make a claim?

Coastsure will help you with your claim from start to finish. You only need to advise us by phone or email and we will take it from there. (24/7 Contact Us).

We will co-ordinate assessors and repairers and liaise with your insurers, to make the process as quick and easy as possible, right up to you negotiating your claims settlement. Coastsure can also advise you on the options available to you under your policy and make sure you receive the maximum benefits payable in regard to your individual claim.

As a Coastsure client, your ‘on call claims assistance service’ is available to you free of charge, no matter how many claims you need to make under your polices throughout the year.

When I take out a policy, what documents can I expect to receive?

There are strict guidelines that determine the documentation that you must receive when taking out a new policy. You will receive a copy of the:

  • Insurance summary, which outlines the specific covers you have just taken out
  • Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) which gives a general overview of the insurance products under the type of cover you have chosen, and other options that may be available to you
  • Financial Services Guide (FSG) which explains who we work for and how we are paid
  • Certificate of Currency, which is used to confirm coverage is in place (traditionally for Public Liability), to allow a contractor to gain access to a work site, or in the case of some occupations (such as Electricians), also provides information with regards to the mandatory covers required by the relevant authorities (such as the Consumer Protection Guarantee). It can also be used to show a landlord in the case of rented premises, that certain covers are in place (eg: Public Liability, Glass Cover etc).