Insurance broking that’s as unique as your business

Every business faces its own particular risks, based on a range of factors – like the industry you’re in, your business goals, the size of your enterprise, your location – and where you are in the business lifecycle.

If you’re just starting out, protecting your cash flow may be key to your survival. Or for a mature business, loss or damage of your assets may be the greater risk.

That’s why a one-size-fits-all business package won’t do the job.

To truly protect your business, you need to understand what your greatest risks are. Then you need insurance cover that’s customised to meet your risk profile – as cost-effectively as possible.

That’s where Coastsure can help.

Our expertise

Our customers come from a range of industries and we have particular expertise in:




Each business has it’s own particular requirements be they Professional Risks, Liabilities or Motor Vehicles. Coastsure have experience in dealing commercially with your business insurance requirements.




Builders & property owners

Coastsure has a deep understanding of the construction industry and its terminology.

We can help you determine your liability exposure, and provide technical advice on contracts.

Food & beverage manufacturing


Food & beverage manufacturing

Wholesalers & Manufacturers

The Coastsure team have years of experience working in manufacturing and understand the key risk trends, such as the property risk from expanded polystyrene (EPS), or the brand impact of a product recall.




Warehouse & road transport businesses

At Coastsure, we work closely with warehouse businesses to identify potential storage risks to their property, and to manage complex supply chain and storage risks.

We also have extensive experience helping transport companies, who are highly dependent on subcontractors, to manage their contractual liability.

How we help you

Using our unique Assess, Design & Purchase (ADP) Process the Coastsure Team will:


Identify and measure the unique risks in your business – so you can improve your decisions around how to arrange it


Design an insurance program that meets your firm’s financial and risk profile.


Ensure you purchase the right type and amount of insurance you need – from reputable suppliers that you can trust.

An experienced claims team you can trust

Making an insurance claim can be stressful. So it’s reassuring to have an experienced and diligent claims team to help you.

Need to claim?

Get in touch with the Coastsure team immediately. Once you’ve let us know that you need to claim, we will:



The incident and review the insurance contracts.



The claims process



You on any disputes from the insurer.



The claim progress to help ensure a prompt claims settlement.


Maintain a record

Of any claims you make to better understand your loss experience, to help with your future risk assessment and program design.

To find out how we can help you,
call us on 07 5502 2326 or

About Coastsure Group

For more than 20 years, Coastsure has been providing commercial value to clients throughout South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

We do this by helping businesses like yours make more informed risk decisions, through our professional specialised risk advice.

At Coastsure, we focus on our clients – not products. Our tertiary qualified, internationally experienced team will get to know you personally and understand your individual business priorities. That way, we can create a risk-management solution that’s as individual as you are.


Local Service National Strength

Coastsure is an Authorised Representative of Ausure Pty Ltd t/a Ausure Insurance Brokers. This means we have local knowledge backed by reliable, national resources – the best of both worlds.

Coastsure Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd Authorised Rep. No: 470155

Ausure ABN 94 096 971 854 – AFSL No: 238433.

Member of the National Steadfast Broker Network


The executive team

David Beard

Managing Director

Diploma of Insurance Broking
Senior Associate (CIP) 

David has held senior positions in national and international broking and underwriting firms for over 40 years. His vast experience includes specializing in Commercial Property insurance, Public liability insurance, Professional Indemnity and Construction insurances for major corporate and commercial clients.

David works with Coastsure’s major corporate clients, helping them to design, purchase and manage their Industrial and commercial insurance programs.

Rolf Van Dulst


MBA / Diploma of Insurance

Rolf brings more than 30 years of experience in insurance and business, in Australia and overseas, to Coastsure. Specialising in approaching insurance from a commercial perspective, he has served clients in a wide range of industries including food and beverage manufacturing, early childhood, aged care, manufacturing, primary production and logistics. Rolf’s principal aim is for the firm to be a trusted business advisor for all its clients, delivering them value through better insurance decisions.

Karen Atherton

Account Manager

Master of Business Administration Qualification, Diploma of General Insurance, Cert IV in Insurance Broking

Karen is Coastsure’s dedicated expert in delivering tailored insurance cover for rural organisations and small to medium businesses. Drawing on almost two decades of experience at major insurers including Elders Insurance, WFI and Achmea, Karen is passionate about matching the needs of her clients to the best possible insurance solutions.

What our clients say about us

Body Corporate Insurance claims service

At Cockerill’s Body Corporate we manage a large portfolio of Body Corporate clients and when it comes to Insurance claims, we rely on the proactive claims handling team at Coastsure.

Our claims have always been acknowledged, actioned, and lodged without delay and we are kept informed of the progress at all times.


Cockerill and Company Body Corporate Management Services

A quick payment when I needed it most

It was only when a major fire put me out of business for months that I realised all the work that Coastsure does behind the scenes, making sure my claim got processed and paid quickly. They organised everything with the insurance companies to make sure I had money during the downtime (my Business Interruption cover). They also had the complex repairs authorised fast so I was back in business as soon as possible.

I can’t recommend Coastsure highly enough to any business wanting a really proactive customer focussed, insurance broker.

A single, comprehensive insurance package

It was great to have Coastsure take charge of our program and organise all our insurances into a single comprehensive package. My account manager also provides quick solutions for any insurance implications from new legislation affecting our industry. I am more than pleased to recommend Coastsure’s services.

Invaluable help

I’ve been self-employed for many years and have always been a great believer in securing my business interest with the correct insurance. The guys at Coastsure Insurance Brokers have been invaluable in helping me understand the types of insurances that I require to adequately protect both myself and my business, as well as sourcing competitive solutions for my insurance needs.

The staff at Coastsure are readily contactable and easy to deal with, and I would recommend their services to any business who are looking for an insurance broker.

Meeting our diverse insurance needs

JSW Powersports is the largest distributor of personal watercraft in Australia. Our insurance needs are quite diverse and we rely on the advice and expertise of our insurance brokers, Coastsure, to ensure that our business is fully protected against any eventualities and mishaps.

David and the team at Coastsure are always available to speak with an on the occasions when we have had to claim, they have made sure that we received our full entitlement.

I’d have no hesitation in recommending Coastsure to any business that is looking for a proactive and professional brokerage to advise them about their insurance requirements.

A proactive claims approach

After many years of not incurring a loss, we were unfortunate to suffer a series of losses totalling over $1 million. The team at Coastsure take a very pro-active approach to claims – from advising us of the extent of cover and the process that was to follow, to involving the right professional advisors, and meeting with insurers to expedite the claim process.

Coastsure managed the claims expertly and kept us fully informed. They understand we still had the business to run and considered business imperatives like international financing and cash flow constraints in getting the claims settled.

Community Support

Giving back to the local community is important to the team at Coastsure.

We’re enthusiastic sponsors of Autism Gold Coast. And each year we run a fundraising drive for a charity chosen by our team, to help them continue their valuable work.

In previous years, we’ve supported these worthy organisations:

2021 – Save the Horses

2020 – Animal Welfare League

2019 – Nerang Neighbourhood Centre

2018 – Friends with Dignity

2017 – Act for Kids

2016 – Autism Gold Coast

Staff are also encouraged to support the local community with an annual volunteer day. As a result, our team has been involved in fundraising and lending a hand for such diverse causes as:

  • Rosies Friends on the Street
  • Baby Give Back
  • Diabetes Queensland
  • Blood Bank
  • Spotlight Theatre.
  • Javeenbah Theatre
  • Blackdog Institute
  • Starlight Foundation
  • Cancer Council
  • Orange Sky
  • Worlds Greatest Shave
  • Share the Dignity

Your Business Insurance and the COVID-19

Crisis: – What You Need to know

Covid19 Related Business Interruption Claims | Latest Update  | February 2022

On 21 February 2022, the Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia delivered two judgments in the Second COVID-19 Australian Business Interruption Test Cases.

The second test cases were commenced to obtain clarity on legal issues concerning the operation of coverage triggers for Business Interruption cover in common commercial property policy wordings. The cases also considered the effect of government financial support and other third party payments to insureds, including JobKeeper.

Conclusion: The Full Court’s judgment was broadly in favour of insurers, largely dismissing the appeals of the Policyholders and upholding the earlier Federal Court Judgement delivered in October 2021.

In terms of what can be learned from these latest judgements to assess if a Policyholder can make a (Covid19 related Business Interruption) claim, here are two key findings:

  1. Where a policy contains ‘specific cover’ for claims arising out of ‘disease’, cover is limited to that clause. In those cases, a Policyholder cannot claim under other ‘non-damage’ clauses including ‘Prevention of Access’, ‘Catastrophe’ or ‘Loss of Attraction’ clauses. This essentially means that  the ‘disease clause’ was held to have set out the extent of the insurer’s indemnity for such a (disease related) claim.
  1. JobKeeper and other third party payments are not to be considered, in the claim adjustment process. In short, these Government assistance payments cannot be used by Insurers, to offset Businesses Interruption losses in a successful Covid19 related Business Interruption claim.

Lastly, although these judgements provide further guidance on how Policies will specifically respond to successful Covid19 related Business Interruption claims,  it is important to recognise that cover availability will ultimately turn on the specific policy wording issued to individual insureds, and also their own factual circumstances.

The parties now have until March 23 to appeal to the High Court.

Copies of the most recent Judgements are available online at:

LCA Marrickville Pty Limited v Swiss Re International SE [2022] FCAFC 17.
Star Entertainment Group Limited v Chubb Insurance Australia Ltd [2022] FCAFC 16

Covid19 Related Business Interruption Claims | Latest Update  | November 2021

In our October 21 update we reported that the Federal Court was due to hear an appeal to the recent ‘test case judgement’, that found in favour of the Insurers in respect to certain Policy triggers for Business Interruption claims.

 What are the Latest Developments?

That appeal of the second test case concluded on Friday 12 November 2021 and the Federal Court reserved its decision. A final judgement is anticipated by the end of 2021 or shortly thereafter.

So What Happens Now?

All parties will await the final judgement of the Federal Court, before final guidance can be provided to Policy holders on any potential Business Interruption claims under their specific Policy.

What Does This Mean for Your Potential Business Interruption Claim?

Once the Federal Court decision is handed down at the end of the year, the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) in conjunction with the National Insurance Brokers Association, will release specific guidance for Policy Holders as to the circumstances and types of Policy under which they may be able to launch a successful Business Interruption claim.

In the meantime as we set out in our last update, Coastsure is progressively reaching out to our clients who have the Business Interruption cover under their Business Insurance Programs, in order to provide some initial guidance regarding the preparation of their potential claim.

What Do You Need to Do?

In anticipation of the Federal Court decision, it would be prudent to get together as much documentation as you have available that may attest to the extent and circumstances of your Business Interruption experienced during the pandemic.

To assist you to do this, the ICA has prepared a ‘general outline’ of the documents and information required to submit a BI claim. This list is for guidance only as each claim will be different and your insurer may require additional material. However, by preparing the material detailed in this list, your insurer will be able to assess your claim more efficiently. The document can be accessed here:

In the meantime, we again encourage clients who  have questions in regard to their eligibility to make a Business Interruption claim, to contact their Coastsure Insurance Broker to discuss their situation.

Our next update will follow the release of the final determination by the Federal Court, when we will be able to provide a full summary of the determination and guidance on your next step in the process of a potential Business Interruption claim.  

Further details regarding the Federal Court’s determination can be accessed on the Federal Court’s web page

Covid19 Related Business Interruption Claims | Latest Update  | October 2021

In our July 21 update we reported that an upcoming ‘Second Test Case’ scheduled for October 21 in the Federal Court, would determine whether Businesses could rely on ‘other Policy triggers’ to make a Business Interruption claim under their Business Insurance Policies. This followed the earlier determination that  Insurance companies could not exclude Covid-19 related claims based on their ‘Quarantine Act 1908’ exclusion.


What are the Latest Developments?

The Federal Court considered nine test case scenarios bought by Insurers. The Court found in favour of the Insurers, in all but one of the cases and there are several issues with the one remaining case, which means it is potentially also unlikely to succeed.

You can follow the link to the Insurance Council of Australia Website, to read a  full summary of the details of the decision by the Federal Court:

So What Happens Now?

A final appeal brought by Policyholders to the Second Case Decision has been scheduled for hearing on November 8, 2021.  It is anticipated that The outcome of that appeal should provide clarity for Businesses and their Insurance Brokers, to assess with some degree of confidence, whether or not a particular Business will be able to make a claim under the Business Interruption section of their Policies and under what circumstances.

What Does This Mean for Your Potential Business Interruption Claim?

This means that once the final determination has been handed down regarding the current test cases, your Coastsure Insurance Broker will be able to provide more informed guidance, in respect to the likelihood of making a successful Business Interruption insurance claim, in your particular circumstances.

What Do You Need to Do?

In anticipation of the Courts providing further clarity on this issue, Coastsure is progressively reaching out to our clients who have the Business Interruption cover under their Business Insurance Programs, in order to provide some initial guidance, regarding the preparation of their potential claim.

In the meantime, we encourage clients who  have questions in regard to their eligibility to make a Business Interruption claim to contact their Coastsure Insurance Broker to discuss their enquiry. However at this stage, no immediate action is necessary until the final determination is handed down by the Federal Court, which will clarify the circumstances under which a Business Interruption claim may be payable under Policies as a result of the Covid19 crisis.


Our next update will be November following the Federal Court handing down it’s final decision from the appeal. We will provide a full summary of the determination from the scheduled hearing and guidance on the next step toward resolution.

Covid19 Related Business Interruption Claims | Latest Update  | July 2021

You will recall in our most recent Update on this issue, [November 2020] we reported to you that the NSW Court of Appeal had ruled in favour of Insured’s, meaning that ‘Exclusion Clauses’ in Policies that reference the (now repealed) ‘Quarantine Act 1908’, are invalid.

Bearing in mind that Policies that correctly reference the later ‘Biosecurity Act’, can still be relied upon by the Insurers to decline Covi19 related Business Interruption claims for loss of Income to their Business.

What are the Latest Developments?

Following that November 2020 ruling, the Insurance Council of Australia applied to the High Court of Australia to appeal the decision.

In the most recent development (June 2021), the High Court of Australia rejected that application and as a result, the original decision of the NSW Court of Appeal stands.

Therefore, Insurers cannot rely on ‘Exclusions’ in their Polices that reference the ‘Quarantine Act 1908’, to reject Covid19 related Business Interruption claims.

So What Happens Now?

We can report that the ICA has begun a second ‘test case’, this time in the Federal Court of Australia.

The purpose of this case is to gain clarity on a range of ‘other issues’ that will also have a bearing on the scope and ability of Insured to successfully lodge Covid19 related Business Interruption claims.

We are advised that this further test case will be heard later in 2021.

What Does This Mean for Your Potential Business Interruption Claim?

It is important to remember that the decision to invalidate reliance on Quarantine Act 1908 related Exclusions, does not automatically mean every Business affected by the Covid19 crisis, can claim the resultant loss of income under the Business Interruption section of their Insurance Policy.

Other ‘coverage triggers’ may also have a bearing on whether an Insurer can reduce or decline  a potential Covid19 related Business Interruption claim. Each claim will be determined on the specific circumstances of the interruption, and the claim will still need to fall under the coverage as defined in the Insurer’s Policy.

Reminder: Contact Your Coastsure Insurance Broker To Discuss Your Individual Circumstances

As always, please feel free to contact your Coastsure Broker if you would like to explore any potential for lodging a Business Interruption claim under your Policy.

The upcoming test case in the Federal Court of Australia will help to further clarify the extent of coverage available to potential claimants.

We are keeping up to date with developments on this complex issue and will advise you of further important decisions as they occur, and again, please do not hesitate to contact your Coastsure Broker if we can assist you with any insurance related matters whatsoever.

COVID 19 Update November 2020 – Business Interruption Test Case Result.

You may have seen in the press recently the decision handed down in the NSW Court of Appeal in a test case run by the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) and Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA), with the court ruling in favour of the insureds.

It found that the quarantine disease cover restriction in business interruption policies that referred to the now repealed Quarantine Act, does not exclude cover for listed human diseases under the Biosecurity Act 2015.

Will there be an appeal?

It’s possible this decision may be appealed to the High Court. Also, the ICA has taken steps to obtain clarity on whether the coverage triggers in business interruption policies are satisfied in the circumstances of COVID-19. So further legal action might eventuate.

Determinations on claims will only be made once the legal process is finalised.

What do you need to do?

If you have already submitted a claim under your Business Interruption policy, we will continue to monitor developments and work with your insurer on your claim.

If you have not lodged a claim under your Business Interruption policy, we suggest that you contact us so that we can discuss the process for lodging a claim notification.

Also, the decision only dealt with whether the insurer could rely on an exclusion which referred to the Quarantine Act. The court did not deal with whether any claim falls within the insuring clause.

We’ll continue to update you as more information becomes available. As always, please feel free to get in contact.

Stay safe.

9 April 2020

Businesses throughout Australia, including Coastsure Insurance Brokers’ diverse range of clients, are experiencing their own unique set of challenges during the current medical and economic crisis.

For this reason, your Coastsure Broker can provide you with advice and information regarding your Business Insurance, which may be of assistance to you in your own unique situation. We encourage you to contact your Coastsure Broker to discuss your individual circumstances.  We continue to operate normal office hours including the 24/7 afterhours number. (see Contact details on our Website:

To assist with some immediate questions you may have, we have prepared the following list of 5 helpful responses to the most frequent questions received from our clients during the evolving economic downturn.

Insurance Companies Are Working with Policyholders During the Crisis

It is important to know that the Insurance Industry at large has made a commitment to work closely with all Policy holders, to help Businesses maintain adequate covers in place for as long as possible to protect their assets and meet contractual obligations.

We therefore encourage you to talk with your Coastsure Broker, about how we can help you maintain adequate insurance protection for your Business, during the current crisis.

You Should Keep Your Business Insurance Cover in Place.

Even if you are experiencing a significant downturn or have temporarily ceased trading for an extended period, you may still have your ‘Physical Assets’ at risk, such as Stock/Contents/Equipment.  You may also need to maintain contractual obligations in respect to certain insurances. (ie: Public Liability requirements under Leases).

Importantly, while you may be absent from your business premises, the risks of Burglary, Theft, Malicious Damage and other physical perils, are still very much present.

 You Can Potentially Reduce Your Premium Outgoings During the Downturn

Your Coastsure Insurance Broker can work with you to ascertain how you may be able to minimize premium outgoings during the crisis and advise you on the most effective options for your individual circumstances, while not leaving you open to expensive uninsured losses.

 Premium Funding Options Can Spread Your Premium Costs Over The Policy Year.

If you have traditionally paid your Business Insurance premiums in a single remittance, you may wish to consider using a Premium Funding facility to spread the premium payments out over the Policy year.  Premium Funding is a finance facility provided by specialist finance companies who only do lending for insurance premiums.

Premium funding is guaranteed available finance as a Business Insurance client and may be a useful resource for you now, to manage cash flows during the current economic challenges, particularly in a persisting low interest rate environment.

 Cyber Insurance Protection Still Applies While Working Remotely

Your Cyber Insurance Protection Policy will still protect your Business and I.T. exposures, even when you are working remotely.

That means if a cyber event emanates from a computer or laptop or other device, being used by you or your employees at home, the Cyber protection Policy will respond to a cyber event. This includes Response Costs, Loss of profits and any potential Litigation that may arise.

If you currently do not have a Cyber Protection insurance Policy, please ask your Coastsure Insurance Broker to advise you on a cover that is right for your business.

 Coastsure Stands ready to Assist You Personally with any Business Insurance Issues During The Crisis

We understand there are a variety of challenges being experienced by our wide range of Business clientele. No single insurance solution will apply to every Business.

For this reason we encourage you to contact your Coastsure Broker, should you need advice or assistance while we work through this difficult and significant economic crisis.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support as we all look to better times ahead.

With Kindest regards

The Coastsure Broking Management and Service Teams

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